About me


Bosari is like the woman its clothes are designed for. Extraordinary, attractive, aware of her self-worth, spontaneous, unique and one-of-a-kind. Each element of the collection’s design reflects a part of a woman’s soul...

Class and style

By playing around with colours, fabrics and cuts in an unconventional way, the designer and the tailors break the mold of banality that dominates women’s fashion nowadays.


The uniqueness of the designs among other market offerings has been achieved with the use of high-quality Italian fabrics, sophisticated cuts, hand-crafted decorations and a precise finish. Each design and each fabric has its own history, brought together by luxurious, refined fibers that make the clothes sensual and pleasant to wear and allow them to drape beautifully on the body.

Fashion consciousness

The Bosari brand is not just the designer and the tailors, but also a team of experienced stylists. Working together, we are able to create designs that combine timeless materials, cuts and colours with the latest trends. We offer clothes that will look as good in two years as they do today.




Modern, asymmetrical forms contrast with discreet colours, creating designs full of energy and lightness.

Openness and spontaneity

Natural, lightweight fabrics are crafted into stretchable clothes with a pleasant feel that noiselessly combine everyday comfort and nonconformity.

Independence and originality

Bosari does away with clichés. It is the details that shape the extraordinary nature of each collection.

The modern cuts and original designs emphasise the uniqueness of the clothes and the woman who wears them.

Nothing happens twice

We design and craft clothes for the woman who lives in the moment and never looks back. Each product bearing the Bosari label is scratch-made, unique, one-of-a-kind and impossible to purchase at any other store in the world.

About the designer

The creator of the collection and the owner of the Bosari brand is Aleksandra Barwasna, a costume and clothing design student. Art-oriented fashion is – and has always been – her life. Many years ago, when someone asked Aleksandra what she wanted to do in the future, she said she wanted to be a fashion designer. She never changed her mind. Today, she creates fashion with a belief that she can offer bold, extraordinary designs made into individual collections. Her primary source of inspiration is the woman: strong, independent, passionate. Her principle is to only work with the best when creating designs. Much like her clients, she strives for perfection. She is not satisfied with the average and mundane. Her dream is to offer conscious women timeless, original, perfectly cut clothes. The Bosari brand and its latest collection is a milestone that brings her closer to her goal.